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Hospital officials said they could not yet comment on his condition, but a spokesman for the racetrack in Sparta, Kentucky, where the crash occurred said Priestley was seriously injured.Priestley has been driving for Kelley Racing in the Indy Racing League's Infiniti Pro Series season, which started in July.But judging from some of my Twitter followers, a lot of other people got stuck on him!

Showbiz did his thing and sent over head shots, and we heard pretty quickly that these had been thrown out, likely before they'd ever even reached the casting directors," she writes.Brad went off and was making movies all over the world, and I was sort of stuck in one place making a TV show.[on his character Brandon Walsh] I hated him even when I was playing him!But I feel like my life and my career moved on, and thankfully, I never got stuck playing that guy over and over.Understanding what I do now about story and character, I believe that [Aaron Spelling] was pushing the story in a direction that would have had Brandon and Kelly end up together at the end of the show and I think I probably should have stuck around to its fruition. Aaron and I had worked very closely together for a number of years.He gave me a lot of opportunities, and I feel like my departure hurt his feelings and I never meant to do that.[on his decision to star in a Masters of Horror episode] The decision was made by the fact that Joe Dante was directing and Elliot Gould was the co-star...

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