Jimmy lin and ruby lin dating

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Chi Ho refuses to pay and does not tell his parents about being bullied at his new school since he does not want to be treated special by the school administrators.Crow and his gang wait for Chi Ho after school everyday to harass him for money and beat him up.On the first day at his new school he has the family chauffeur drop him off at school.

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Chi Ho finds out about Eagle's past and realizes that his bad rep from his previous schools comes from fighting while protecting the weak from bullies.

Crow and his gang does not dare to offend Eagle and soon the school is no longer afraid of Crow and his gang.

Crow not being able to stand that he no longer has control of school hires outside triad member Bull (Chin Ho) to teach Eagle a lesson.

) is a 1995 Taiwan teen drama film distributed for Hong Kong.

Starring Jimmy Lin, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Ruby Lin. The original Taiwan release title of the film was "Campus Squad" ( Hui Chi Ho (Jimmy Lin) comes from a well to do family.

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