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Thispleasingidea is somewhat marred by a companion picture, representing a fisher- man and his family re- turning home. mother, drags along a tortoise M'hich he has caught upon the shore. In one a peasant and his wife are returning at evening from their work. Everv bushel of grain, every pound of i yoke a couple of huge tubs which he had evi- meat which is'sent from Illinois or Ohio to New j dcntly borne out in the morning full of unsavory- York and Boston, is so much abstracted from the fertilizing matter, while the wife trudges con- total capacity of the soil, which, rich as it is, I tentedly along by his side, burdened only with must under our system of agriculture be in time ! This would indicate that the common people have so far advanced in civil- ization that the stronger sex take upon them- selves the hard labor of life. The farmer has at- tached one end of a strong cord to a tree, hold- ing the other in his hand ; a bucket is ingenious- ly slung to this cord, and as he walks around he flings the contents upon the crop ; the tree prac- tically does the work of a man.

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Gardette 246 CRACKTHORPE, IMY FRIEND, AGAIN Charles D. The whole country is intersected with 41 fine net-work of hills, rising liigh enough to fur- nish a temperate climate, wliile tlie valleys be- low present that of the northern trojncs, cover- ing the ground with a rich profusion of rice, cotton, yams, sweet potatoes, and tobacco. BURLINGAMft PUBLIC LI a 26 HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY L\GAZINE. The cardinal principle of his husbandry is never to put a crop into the ground unless he has manure enough to supply the ele- ments needed for that crop, without impairing the future capacities of the field. If his supply of this is scanty Water is skillful- he lets part of his field lie fallow or grow up with brushwood. To-day you will see a field yellow with ripened grain. The wheat crop is ready for harvest just be- fore the rainy season begins.

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