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He either had to make up his own stories, or give up on the Anne cash cow. The third miniseries was awful- fans had waited over 10 years to see Anne and Gilbert together, but the two characters spent most of the movie separated while Anne had a quasi-affair with Cameron Daddo! why I'm so glad I didn't watch either the 3rd or 4th movie. The whole endeavor wasn't about Anne anymore and telling a great story. Shirley (which used to be a boy's name, before Shirley Temple) was the least mentioned of all the children, and I suspect Montgomery ran out of ideas for him. Kevin Sullivan and the heirs of Lucy Maud Montgomery have been embroiled in a legal dispute over the profits of the Anne series of movies.

The fourth movie, yeesh..only part I saw was a scene of Barbara Hershey kneeling at Gilbert's gravestone. The heirs never got a percentage of the profits for any of the movies and spin-off properties Which is why Sullivan cannot secure rights beyond the original book, and has to fictionalize later adaptations.

His sister stated that his organs were donated so that means he was on life support before he died. But I did find this quote from hi sister in a Time Magazine article:“He was funny, he was sweet, he loved acting, he loved comedy and singing and dancing. Always loved how Canadians had just a little extra poundage, Man's Man bodies. And shorts were cut differently back then too.(FYI, love the performance, not just the shorts). I kind of assumed he was gay because he had a bit of "gay voice" in the Anne movies (maybe just high-pitched) and because I think he remained single and unmarried, but whether or not he was gay / straight it's sad he was taken relatively young.

As a little kid, he just loved Broadway shows and all of that kind of stuff and would sing and dance in the living room,” his sister said. This is really making me sad, I guess because I loved the movies so much when I was growing up. Back in 1991, when I was nine years old, I went to a tiny school with only 12 kids. Every afternoon, one of the teachers would read us chapters from a book while we drew or just laid down. Later, we went on a field trip to see the Seatlle Children's Theatre production of it.

I remember my mother rang my aunt in Australia and my cousins were watching in the living room, all three girls had read the books too, so I'm not surprised it's made international news. All the reports today didn't really mention his life after the movies. R42 he spent every summer at Stratford Surprised he didn't do more episodic as there are so many US shows filming in Toronto But he died in NY and did the Drowsy Chaperon on Broadway a few years ago Last acting gig was a under five on The Good Wife, as he commuted back and forth between Toronto and NYC. "Truly I just remember at times just laughing so hard that you'd just be crying.

He seems to prefer the stage over TVOne shocking footnote, he did a 'Dynasty' type series in Canada called Mount Royal That show must be cursed, because every single regular cast member on that show has passed away with the exception of the lead. He was so playful and silly and, as I said, really bright, so his humour was always informed with that, which made him even funnier Megan Follows Confirms What We All Hoped About Jonathan Crombie He was the first TV crush for many a young Canadian growing up in the 1980s.

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It's so hard to imagine anyone else but Megan Follows in the role.

R84, it seemed like the second movie was trying to imitate The Sound of Music, with her being a Julie Andrews character, winning over the children who initially dislike her, and getting the stern father to fall in love with her.

I never read the 4th book, but it seemed like Morgan Harris was a conflation of Roy Gardner and some other character from the 4th book whom Anne was not involved with.[quote]Sad he died so young, but he was NOT Gilbert Blythe, nor was Megan Fellowes Anne Shirley. Totally captured her unbridled passion and imaginative spirit, but also her insecurities and stubbornness. In my mind, the story always ended with Anne and Gilbert kissing on that bridge.

Actor Jonathan Crombie won the hearts of countless "Anne Of Green Gables" fans across the country and around Why not, R81?

She was doing a lot of telemovies and stuff at that stage.

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