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Shouldn’t tax dollars go only toward the care of people who lack such access? I heard several versions of the following in recent weeks: I’m a taxpayer and paid into this system. If this sounds a bit like a sense of entitlement, that may not be far-off.

In fact, several readers echoed something that Marcia Perna told me when I interviewed her about her late mother a few weeks ago.

He is, she said, fighting for whatever is left of the meaning he can take from life in his 90s, while his wife slips away from dementia in front of his eyes.

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If you’re looking for another way to frame these issues, consider one other thing: If you or your relatives are already Medicaid-eligible by the time care is needed, there may be fewer choices available.What are we talking about when we talk about Medicaid planning? So let’s begin by putting a fat “generally” in front of every statement below, along with a warning that you should not try this at home alone. Medicaid eligibility for long-term care can differ by state and also by marital status.Generally, you can’t have income higher than ,205 per month per person, including Social Security.Most Americans haven’t saved enough to pay for decades of post-retirement living expenses and years of expensive end-of-life care, so it stands to reason that Medicaid will come under increasing strain.In my first Medicaid column on June 30, I asked for your questions about the program, aging and long-term care, and you sent me more notes about the ethics of Medicaid planning than on nearly any other topic.

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