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They went on to become two of the most successful football agents in the Premier League, piling up millions of pounds in fees during each transfer.

They split when Gardner set up his solo firm after Ferguson junior was accused of exploiting his dad's position to gain financially from set up transfer deals.

The poor actor in this sex scene with Liv will definitely have to go on disability for both PTSD and a chronic case of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea after having Liv Tyler grind her ancient rotten crotch all over his tiny manhood.

He certainly won’t want to close his eyes, and he won’t want to fall asleep because he won’t be able to miss remembering the feeling of Liv’s cold and calloused lady lips violating his loins.

That’s right, this is the chick you’ve been whacking off to every night since the first time you watched this epic story.

Seeing Liv Tyler celebs is probably the fantasy of every male, no matter where they fall on the nerd spectrum.

They also both have sons from previous relationships, with Liv having Milo, 11, from her marriage to Royston Langton, while David shares am eight-year-old boy called Grey with ex-wife Davinia Taylor.

But after failing to impress five years on, the youngster left to set up Elite Sport Agency with Jason Ferguson, Sir Alex's son.

But Taylor's alcohol addiction and bi-polar disorder seemed to push the couple apart and they divorced in 2010.

Gardner was linked to several famous faces during his single years, including Rita Ora, Stephanie Dorrance and Kelly Brook - but then he met Liv Tyler.

Actress Liv Tyler shows off her mangy old lady vagina for a graphic sex scene from HBO’s “The Leftovers” in the video above.

It is of course not at all surprising to see a worn out elderly whore like Liv Tyler having to resort to raping a chained up young man in this scene, and that Liv would insist on doing it for real without the use of fancy Hollywood vagina protecting prosthetics.

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