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Just because it isn't aimed at woman doesn't mean young boys should be tought all girls are weak minded/weak skilled/or very skilled in house chores and nurtering or only interesting as mother figures or girlfriends instead of just a soldier buddie/partner/friend/comrade. Simple things like that.) If you show young boys only these stereo type woman roles, they will grow up thinking thats how woman are.(Or as sexual object as in some shows guys get proper uniforms while girls get mini skirts. Especialy shows targeted towards boys, should have a few normal female characters in it.Sure seems like your right on track to the femiretard crowd.

Do you think I care that Tomb Raider kicks ass and none of the males can compete? Plenty of other shows you can watch with strong women. I think I remember a few years ago Tomino saying he was reading The Rose of Versailles and he loved it and wanted to make an anime like that with a strong women and some romance.Why does this equal bull shit card have to be used in everything.Any art form is not subjected to the whims of retarded cry baby feelings on equality and racial and gender equality.In return however I also think man should get more rights as well. We can't really complain much about the portrayel of woman in the past as times where different then and woman where still finding their voice.for example a man should not be shamed by his friends because he cries fast, or a man should be free to be a stay at home dad if that makes him happy withoud the world being a jerk about it. This day and age however we should have plenty of anime/tv shows/books etc. Even today, woman usualy are either sexy/hot/eye candy or weak/helpless or the super gentle mother type or the super tomboy. perhaps back then Gundam was for boys, but right now there are plenty of female watchers in gundam as well, myself included. It's not the type of task/life you live, what matters is that it's what makes you happy.

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