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First called "Dyer" for Isabel dyer (1871 - 1933), whom Beasley later married.Many new settlers were German and Czech families from Washington County.El 1714 Anglaterra i Austria ens van abandonar en plena guerra a la nostre sort.El 1936 Europa va mirar cap a una altre banda i ho va seguir fent durant 40 anys de feixisme.Dio è una irriducibile negazione della libertà umana.Europa ha permès el GAL, on es van enterrar en cal viva a dissidents polítics bascos.Historical Marker Czech Settlers in Hill County (I35 Access Road in front of Turkey Shop Cafeteria) One of the most influential and numerous national groups to settle in Hill County, Czechs came to this area from Fayette County and the province of Moravia in Austria-Hungary.Czech farmers came and bought much of the rich black farmland of the area.

The post office was discontinued in 1906; mail was delivered from Weimar until the 1920s and subsequently from Schulenburg.The rebuilt present church is adorned with lovely statues, many of which were saved from the disastrous fire in 1918.Schulenburg, Texas 78956-5724 Date Built: 1918 Date Painted:1919 Architect: John Bujnoch Artist: Fred Donecker and Sons Builder: Mass Times: Weekends: Saturday 5 p.m.Com reaccionarem els catalans a una supressió total de l’autonomia, l’empresonament dels tots els nostres dirigents o a un estat de setge?Segurament una part molt important es quedaria a casa, però tinc dubtes de fins a quan la resposta independentista serà simplement fer concentracions, cassolades, maratons nocturns de parxís, o tweets molt indignats.

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