Marvin sapp dating atlanta housewife

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However, I chose to reserve my judgment of the show until I had at least watched the inaugural pilot episode.

If you aren’t ready for a show with Christians who are real and deal with real life issues in a real life way, then maybe this is not the show for you. The church needs a REALITY check and from what I can tell, The Sisterhood may be just the show to do just that.

Compromise was never done here nor do I condone her life style or life choices and keeping 100 you don’t know the off camera conversation we had.

Again big picture 10 million people at 1 time were challenged to PRAY in difficult times WOW!!!! PS Didn’t spell check because I’m late to a meeting….

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Which is weird since there is caramel and candy bars I’ve been struggling with my photos lately. I take all my photos during Austin’s nap time which is between 1-3pm.

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Ever keen to broaden our musical scope, recent months have seen That Grape Juice venture into a number of new musical landscapes including, most recently, gospel.

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