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Prevent financial stress by taking control of your holiday spending and aligning with your partner on your game plan.Get ahead of holiday planning by joining our friends at @brightpeakfinancial and hundreds of other couples in our community-based challenge launching Sept 30!Continuing (and remembering) to date each other is a fun way to stay connected to your partner when you have so many other responsibilities and commitments (children, careers, housework, bills, to name a few). You’ll likely need to plan ahead, but hopefully by booking the sitter and marking the date on your calendar you’ll consider yourselves “locked in” to spending this valuable time together. Read More wish we could make more of an effort to spend quality time alone.” “I” statements attribute responsibility to the speaker for his/her own perceptions and feelings.“You” statements, such as, “You never let me know when you’re going to be home late,” or “You spend too much time with your friends,” can put the listener on the defensive from the start.All relationships, no matter how wonderful and fulfilling they are, require work from both partners on a regular basis.Making a relationship work, however, does not require extensive amounts of time and will look different for all couples. Use this as an opportunity (or an excuse) to step up your dating game.On the other hand, if the day is spent like any other day, we feel as if we’re somehow missing out, that our relationship isn’t as as the ones we see plastered across social media.

If it precedes negative, accusatory, or blaming words, they are going to feel the sting and likely react in just as prickly a manner. That might sound like a ridiculous question to some people. ” You may (or may not) be surprised to learn that many people spend a lot of time trying to change aspects of his/her partner’s personality or secretly hope that one day their “annoying” traits will magically cease. You can try to avoid it by tamping down negative emotions and brushing seemingly minor issues under the rug, but at some point, they will come back to bite you.Why do we tend to subscribe to the cookie cutter notions of romance when we all have different preferences and ideas about what we consider romantic? Premarital Counselors, if you're gearing up for a busy premarital prep season, preparing to work with your first couple, or looking for some ways to invigorate the way you think about and present premarital counseling to couples, this webinar is for you!Learn about barriers to premarital counseling, the societal view of premarital counseling, and how to make it more accessible for couples.Then you’ll want to attend the upcoming webinar, Demystifying the Science of Relationships, on Thurs. Plus, we’ll send you the free e-book Resiliency in Relationships: Bouncing Back to Balanced as a follow-up to the webinar!events.genndi.com/register/818182175026323336/d7eb38db16 Who can relate to feeling stressed when it comes to planning for the holidays?

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