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This last bastion of hope has now begun to undergo countless attacks itself–and things are only getting worse.

Having grown up in this living hell of a future, the player and his/her twin (whichever gender you choose, your twin Akira will be the opposite) have decided to enlist as part of Ark Police’s specialized Neuron Task Force and defend the city from all manner of Chimera activity.initial premise is bursting with potential.

Though apocalyptic narratives are nothing new per se, seeing these events from the perspective of a special task force member is a refreshing twist (especially since police work is an integral part of the gameplay).

The story itself, however, suffers from some pacing issues in the opening chapters that result in early dramatic moments not quite hitting as hard as they should.

But, unless I had my partner, or wasn’t planning on bringing it to a multi-player party, I might not find myself returning to it that often.

That said, there is an online multiplayer at launch where you can pit yourself against others in winning a date to the prom.

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We were forced against each other to win her affection, with one of us trying to level up stats and the other trying to talk to her as often as we could.Luckily, the character dialogue and lore are both strong enough to make every moment worth it regardless.boasts three distinct types of gameplay: investigative work, downtime/side quests, and combat.On the outside, Monster Prom seems like any other silly dating simulator, but with Monsters… While for the most part that’s true, Monster Prom is actually more akin to a rogue-like Competitive Party Game with a dating simulation twist. You’re a monster going to high school and you desperately want a date for prom.You choose from 6 eligible bachelors/bachelorettes and do your best to woo them, usually by picking an answer to a problem that corresponds to your desired date.

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