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The show brings the audience into the modern, war-torn metropolis of Verona and weaves Benatar’s and Giraldo’s arsenal of deeply emotional rock anthems and new songs, all while exploring the question — what does it take to regain a world where peace is possible?During their four-decade career, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo have forged one of the most successful and iconic partnerships in music history.Then, when I was in my twenties, I wrote a pilot that made its way into Madonna’s hands. As a young writer I’d often ask that same question, and a lot of people would say write what you know.I did but then I realized it wasn’t the rule I wanted to follow. Read, do research and go see things you might not have a normal desire to see.I started putting on shows in my backyard, making movies with a camcorder and becoming a storyteller.Later, my parents introduced me to theater and I began fully immersing myself.It’s a staged reading where we’ll be doing two nights for The Bay Street Theater’s “Under The Stars.” It’s going to be a celebration of Pat and Neil, their music and this new theatrical adventure. I grew up on [Steven] Spielberg and [George] Lucas and will never forget when my mom took me and my brother to a drive-in theater for the first time when I was six to see “E.T.” I looked up at that big screen under the stars and was absolutely mesmerized.

They also have their own political passions they’re exploring.

(Well, actually he didn't, but none of his sources did… Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is a play, intended to be performed live in real time on a stage.

Zefferelli wrote a screenplay from Shakespeare's plays, intended to be made into a film.

I’m an explorer and a people watcher who takes in the world around me. As a writer it’s our duty to create new worlds and to keep pushing the envelope.

In the TV world, I created a show called “The Fosters” that ran for five years on Freeform and is now available on Netflix.

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