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A team of the SCTH along with international scholars carried out a one‑day expedition on the site.

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The reports states that the discovery of the site was done by a Saudi national who collected some archaeological objects scattered on the surface, and followed by field work of a team of international experts; the proportion of artefacts sampled by the different actors is not mentioned“Ibn Gublan unearthed some 300 objects there.This impressive discovery reflects the importance of the site as a centre and could possibly the birthplace of an advanced prehistoric civilization that witnessed domestication of animals, particularly the horse, for the first time during the Neolithic period”Harrigan has already emphasized how “the discovery at al‑Magar and the electrifying question it raises come as Saudi Arabia experiences a resurgent pride not only in its archaeological heritage but also, particularly, in the legacy and culture of the desert‑bred Arabian horse”.Making the heart of the Arabian Peninsula the cradle of the Arabian horse and of horsemanship was not only a matter of scientific debate, it also achieved ideological purposes.The submission to the Saudi Commission of Antiquities and National Heritage (SCTH) of hundreds of artefacts sampled on that locality by a certain Mutlaq ibn Gublan, a camel herder native of the area, threw this institution into turmoil.While digging a cistern, Mutlaq ibn Gublan had fortuitously discovered an 86‑cm‑long sculpture fragment of an equid; afterwards, he collected some 300 artefacts including other fragmentary animal statues (among which a dog, an ostrich, a falcon), stone tools, arrowheads, scrapers and spearheads, stone grinders and stone pestle.

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