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On June 1, board members of Wisdom Hill nursery school held a press conference in Nay Pyi Taw and invited parents of children at the school.There, chairman of the board U Than Sein confirmed that the child had been assaulted but said it did not happen at the school.He said police had barred the school from sharing further information.“What was posted on Facebook is not true, and many other allegations are not true.

It was spurred by mass revulsion and soul-searching over an increase in the number of reported child rape cases nationwide, which many think have reached crisis level.The Justice for Victoria movement is headed by Dr Win Ko Ko Thein, known on Facebook as Thaka Moe Nyo, who lives in Nay Pyi Taw and is a deputy director at the Ministry of Health and Sports.He told on June 5 that supporters were discussing legal and financial support for the victim’s family.The statement said the bank had subsequently found that the account did not violate its policies, and apologised to the account’s owner, Win Ko Ko Thein.Despite a traditional reluctance in Myanmar to report sexual offences, including those involving children, official figures for rape have been on the rise for years.

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