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Der Segway wird angetrieben durch zwei fast geräuschlose und emissionsfreie Elektromotoren.Mit den hochentwickelten Lithium-Ionen Batterien lassen sich mit dem Segway mit nur einer Akkuladung bis zu 38km zurücklegen.Bei unseren anderen Segwaytouren entdeckt Ihr viele sehenswerte Orte auf Fuerteventura.

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If you look at some of the stories on the top row, the mic interactions are pretty simple: say hello, make a noise, go faster.“Particularly at the beginning, it is a little tough for the younger kids.But we’ve seen out in the marketplace, there are a lot of parents who play the app with their child, they play the app first, evaluate it, and we’re absolutely in favor of having parents join their kids for the adventure.The app uses the same speech recognition and Toy Talk’s Pull String technology that power the company’s groundbreaking apps, such as The Winston Show and Speaka Zoo, in which a kid’s responses to prompts are sent to the cloud, triggering any of a wide range of possible replies.The company was founded by several Pixar alums, including CEO Oren Jacob, with the mission of reinventing storytelling as an interactive medium.

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