One direction dating preferences

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With your hands behind your head, you closed your eyes to the sounds of birds and wind. Well, come to think of it, more so since (Y/F/N) and I got together." You shrugged, not answering him.

"Hey," you heard a voice not soon after you had relaxed yourself. " You hadn't been awkward with talking to Harry at all considering he is your friend as well. You couldn't bring yourself to tell him your feelings, not now, not here.

We love it.”Asked how they deal with the chaos that comes with the reaction girls have to them, Zayn said, “It’s crazy.

If someone said to me before I was in a band, like hysteria, the first thing I’d think is Elvis or the Beatles, so to think that people have that sort of similar reaction to us is so strange, because we’re just normal people but it’s flattering and it’s cool and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”Watch the interview via You Tube below.

We’ve had an amazing time this past few years and can’t wait to tour and stuff this year.”Asked if it ever gets crazy if they just want to go out to dinner, Louis said, “The only time it might become a problem is if everyone knows that you’re going to be at a certain place at a certain time.

You knew yourself you just weren't going to say anything because, well, what is there to really say?

It was a room of about seven people in total, mostly middle-aged couples.

Your smile slightly faded, maneuvering your eyes away from the scene to look at (Y/F/N)'s eyes instead. " You asked, holding the door and moving to the side to let them in. You wouldn't let it go to waste, but you wouldn't exactly debut it now either.

"We wanted to know if you wanted to get food with us, but it seems you're busy..." Your friend says, voice trailing off as she picks up your lyrics laying scattered among the table, taking a seat next to your guitar. " You quickly ramble, crumbling the papers into a loose ball and throwing it behind your shoulder, hitting the wall lightly and falling to the floor. Louis: Your aunt was having her wedding soon and-considering you and your best friend were practically family-your aunt invited her too.

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