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Another possible option would be to disable Gatekeeper to prevent the verification process from unidentified and identified developers from running in the first place, but that is really not a good idea as it could open the Mac up to broader vulnerabilities or other issues.For those who like to dig a little deeper to see what’s going on behind the scenes with the failed verifying attempts, you can open the Console app (/Applications/Utilities/) and you’ll typically find messages from launchservicesd and Core Services UIAgent with ‘Error -60006 creating authorization’.To find optimal values, start by setting them both to 1 (meaning that Pouch DB should download one document after the other) and increase from there and stop when the symptoms begin again.

If you are on a cheap virtual server, it is possible, that the default settings for Pouch DB pull-replication (10 parallel batches of 100 documents each) exhaust the narrow limit of your server. The solution is to move to a better server, but if that is not an immediate option, a workaround would be reducing the replication options.Here are some issues you may run into and their resolutions: You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.If you run into the following error (or similar): ./~/pouchdb/~/levelup/Module parse failed: /path/to/node_modules/pouchdb/node_modules/levelup/Line 2: Unexpected token : You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.To get around this, when you create your Pouch DB, use the size of the database in MB. For instance, if you request 50, then Safari will show a popup saying "allow 50MB?" but if you request 51, then Safari will show a popup saying "allow 100MB? If you don't use the This does not affect any backend other than Web SQL. On Phone Gap/Cordova apps, you can also use the SQLite plugin to get around this problem.

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