Otome dating games

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Each of the guardians with different personalities, they will try to win Tamki's heart...

but if you want to know if one of them actually make it, you really should watch Hiiro no Kakera!

Ema is happy with her new life in a bigger family, yet each of the handsome brothers begins to show a deeper affection towards Ema... Based on the light novel created by Atsuko Kanase, Brothers Conflict had a video game, and a manga adaption, as well.

As an otome anime, it keeps the main characteristics you would expect: handsome guys revolving around a girl who simply cannot choose.

Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School is where Artistas – people who can inspire passion with their Magic Arts – are taught.

Kohana Aigasaki is a new transfer student, and her duty is to plan the Hoshinomori Summer Festa, which is the school's cultural festival.

Born as a manga in September 2015, Dance with Devils was soon adapted into an anime, and later on it received a video game adaption, too.

The four handsome student council members do all they can in order to catch Ritsuka's attention.

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One day, Cardia is taken by the British military forces, and later rescued by a gentleman called Arsène Lupin.

Hiiro no Kakera was born in 2006, by Idea Factory, as an otome game.

As an anime, this show is literally the dream of every otome girl: being surrounded by beautiful men, who are ready to protect you, and help you in every possible way.

In its anime adaption, it's a reverse-harem full of surprises, starting with our heroine, Cardia.

She is very strong, and helps the rest of the team, instead of waiting to be rescued.

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