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Many people who identify with schemas within this domain come from families perceived as cold, detached, explosive, lonely, abusive and / or rejecting.Schemas in this domain have a profound effect on intimate, family and social relationships.As an adult, there may be a belief of always feeling that you get the “short end of the stick” in comparison to others.People with this schema often suffer from paranoia, mistrust and anger.Question: I am trying to write a query that will display all schemas in my Oracle database.A schema owner is a user ID, but it is not necessarily a "real" schema, a user that has populated tables.

Typical early family dynamics associated with these schemas are enmeshment, overprotection, or a failure to reinforce your ability (as a child) to show independent competence (perhaps by doing things for you rather than teaching you how to do things for yourself).You often rely on others to do things for you and get upset if you have to do things by yourself.This schema can generate depression and anxiety and cause feelings of hopelessness, failure, incompetence and neediness.It doesn’t have obvious direct external signs but is the driving force behind a number of other schemas.Self-sacrifice is usually driven by this schema as it is a way of feeling emotionally valuable to others as listening to other’s problems is a way of getting emotional fulfillment -Three major forms of emotional deprivation include deprivation of nurturance, protection, and empathy.

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