Pivot table not updating with new data

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This adds a new event at the top called Worksheet_Change.Now we will highlight and delete the unnecessary code below it.Within the code module, we want to create an event macro.To do so, choose Worksheet in the Object drop-down box on the left.That instruction basically says: when I make a change to my worksheet, refresh all the pivot tables and data connections. You can do this by clicking the Visual Basic button on the Developer tab of the ribbon.

Thanks Not sure if this is the reason, but have you checked the Display Language (are you using the same excel sheet on the same machine)?

The Worksheet_Change event macro will run any time a change is made to cells in that worksheet.

We can add VBA code to the Worksheet_Change event to perform actions when the user edits cells.

This action is the same as if you manually click the Refresh button on the Data tab.

Add this line of code to the Worksheet_Change event will refresh the workbook whenever a change is made to the worksheet that the code is in.

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