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You can disable Java updates through the registry (either directly or through GPP or scripts) by altering a few registry values.

Note that this does not prevent the updater from running, so you will still get an UAC prompt as the updater is started.

If an application has left it up to the system on which it is running to determine which version to use, and you have JRE 6 and JRE 7, only JRE 7 will be used.

If an application has specified JRE 6, and you have both on your system, JRE 6 will be used.

See the JNLP File Syntax documentation for how to set the JRE version for a webstart application.

See the Java SE documentation for APIs, Developer guides, Release Notes and more.

Until February 2013, Oracle will continue to provide updates to JRE 6 via our public download sites.

After the End of Public Updates in February 2013, if you have a valid support contract for an Oracle Product that requires Java, or an Oracle Java SE Support contract, you can download the support versions of Java from My Oracle Support.

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To revert back from JRE 7 to JRE 6, first uninstall JRE 7. Until April 2013, the latest version of JRE 6 can be found on the Download tab of the Java SE section on OTN.

Unless you have a support contract with Oracle you will not be able to get security updates for JRE 6 from Oracle after February 2013 and it is not advisable to keep older versions of Java on your system.

Nevertheless if you would like to continue to have both versions, JRE 6 and JRE 7 can be installed on the same computer.

Yes, however note that users will be unable to receive public security updates after February 2013.

See the Applet Deployment documentation on setting the JRE version for applets.

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