Riley keough dating robert pattinson

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Despite similarities between the model, 24, and Rob's female passenger at the time, Riley's representative has been quick to deny dating rumours."Riley isn't dating Rob," the rep for CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE FULL GALLERY One person who will no doubt welcome reports that Rob and Riley are not a couple will be Kristen Stewart, Rob's former flame.It's also thought that Pattinson, 27, will spend the Fourth of July with his redhead friend before heading to Toronto, Canada to shoot "Map to the Stars." If the rumors are true, here's five facts every RPattz fan should know about his possible new love interest:1.

They're both knockouts, obviously — but their hair and facial features are similar, plus their penchant for super-casual clothing on their off hours. Those are the rumours surrounding Elvis Presley's granddaughter and Kristen Stewart's ex.Daily Mail reports that the duo is dating after Pattinson and Keogh were photographed driving around together in Los Angeles over the weekend.Their paths would have crossed at Dior events in May and June.While Rob and Riley dating is definitely "not true", a source close to Rob has said he's open to dating again.

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