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She has 1 point in Logic, 1 in Charisma, 1 in Cooking and 3 in Writing. It is possible that her husband was Malvolio Romano, who is buried in the graveyard.

However this is speculative as he doesn't appear on Paola's family tree.

“Hey Lovi…” “Ciao [f/n].” He and the other attendants helped her into the ambulance and began to drive away.

It was tomato b*stard’s idea, but heck, I’ll take credit for it because I’ve always had that gift in mind for her. “You look even redder than that tomato when you talk to (Y/N). Out of all the girls he could become seriously attached to, he gets attached to the one I can tolerate the most?! My favorite ones are all greatly prepared (the more simple the better). It made me feel back home in my beloved country, with all the rich taste and..., the actor introduced his 24-year-old son Matt Romano, who works on the talk show, saying, "Ladies, he's a good kid, good listener. She recently lost her husband and this death made her penniless.Her brother Luigi invited her and her son Orlando to live with him.

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