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They realize they are going to have to help each other in two important upcoming events.

After spending so much time together, Nell and Woody become very fond of each other and start to understand each other better.

At first, they seem to succeed, but quickly return to arguing when they each feel the other is misrepresenting them in the opposite body, such as Woody in Nell's body answering a question oddly and surprising a teacher.

The scene finishes with Woody being kissed by Breanna and Nell going home very upset about it.

They quickly begin arguing in front of a statue of the ancient Aztec god Tezcatlipoca.

The following day, rumors are being spread around school by Nicky about his night with Nell.

When Nell in Woody's body finds out, she gets very upset.

They loathe each other and are constantly in dispute.

The following day, Nell in Woody's body arrives at school wearing " Chinos and an Oxford cotton button-down" making Woody's appearance look "dorky" which frustrates Woody, and he is even more frustrated after he hears about how Nell in Woody's body failed Woody's football practice the previous day.

Michael Jeters and Kevin Zegers starred in the 1997 movie Air Bud. She has just finished filming LOL:laughing out loud (her new movie), and is still working on The big bang her video with Kevin Zegers (Gossip Girl).

Air Bud was the first and original installment of the Air Bud series.

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