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You can heal your wounds and work on them without blaming yourself.

There are also people who had happy childhoods who were victims of manipulators.

Victims who do get tangled up with narcissists didn’t “choose” an abuser. There’s a difference between owning our agency and healing our wounds and blaming ourselves.No one should be blamed for encountering a manipulator or two on their dating journey.Some manipulators are easier to discern than others, but the more covertly they behave, the more difficult it can be to pinpoint their true character.If someone is not actively reciprocating for whatever reason, move forward to another prospect or take time to heal any self-esteem issues you may have. If you find yourself twisting yourself into a pretzel, dismissing your boundaries and standards for someone who couldn’t care less, you are in danger.Remember: you never have to tolerate someone’s mistreatment to be “chosen.” If you find yourself doing that, you are with the wrong person.

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