Self consolidating concrete wiki

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The fibers give the material a ductile behavior during bending (i.e., when loaded in flexure behond the elastic limit, micro-cracks occur and the fibers hold the cracks tightly closed, providing a ductile performance rather than a sudden or brittle failure) as shown in the following graph.

The ductility behavior observed during bending is characterized by a multiple cracks before the stress peaks, without localization and without the presence of any major cracks.

This super fine design matrix also produces a surface capable of intricate detail with unlimited surface textures, finishes and colors. DUCTALThe values above are for guidance only and cannot be used as technical design specifications.

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It achieves this engineering feat by progressively absorbing the energy applied and efficiently dispersing it throughout the matrix.As a rule, a value of 0.3 is considered for calculations.Since the water to cement ratio is very low, Ductal® does not exhibit drying shrinkage.The ultra-high performance material that is Ductal® and its various components are protected by various patents and may not be used except pursuant to the terms of a license agreement with the patent holder.Ductal® exhibits excellent performance in compressions: It is 4 to 8 times higher than conventional concretes.

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