Setting the bar too high dating

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There are people online looking for long term relationships. I don't think the format is inherently unsuitable for that but some online dating sites are defo aimed at a user base more into something casual.You'll have better luck on eharmony than plenty of fish for example.I'm a 45/F and I met someone on Match recently with pretty strong LTR potential.A few years ago, I unintentionally found myself in an LTR though OKC that ended this past December.I'm looking for something in the middle between casual and serious, and it is damned hard to find.

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I'm sure this happens, but I'm much more inclined to think that the majority just get in over their head unintentionally and then once they realize it they run scared.

Would you care to elaborate a bit more on your Match observation wrt commitment please?

Also I appreciate your comments about LTR work and effort.

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Decided to try online dating after the end of a 2 year relationship. I'm being open minded except for ridiculous things like someone 72 (not my style) or 22 (which happens quite a bit more than I expected with the "omg you're so hot, care to try a younger guy? First of all, you will have to sift through a lot of deceit.

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