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HENRICH: I think when people use different languages, they can think about things in different ways and it’ll highlight different features of the problem. I would encourage people to learn multiple languages.As long as you start young enough, we seem to be pretty good at it.The reason I’m so interested in that ratio is as a career coach, all my clients are the maestros. Cowens, and they’re all in careers that their tribe picked for them. My question is, What’s the role of the maverick today? If you’re a cultural learner and you learn a little bit from this guy and a little bit from this guy and a little bit from that guy and recombine them, you get a brand-new thing. You actually were just cultural-learning from three different people.

The extra languages can actually expand the size of the collective brain.

It was precisely because they were free, and that they could be organized in mass numbers in a larger market setting and you had a lot of economies of scale.

He thought that made us, on average, quite conformist. HENRICH: Americans had — at least some of them — had relatively similar cultural backgrounds. AUDIENCE MEMBER: I’m recalling your observation of the attack mentality of economic seminars and adding to that the observation that over my 50 years an economist, the literature has changed completely so that now, every article in a journal begins, “I construct a model which . .” so that you can’t argue about the economics of it.

It may actually have some positive cognitive effect; debate remains about that.

I think we should encourage people to learn multiple languages.

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