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Snow Snow accumulates over time and can allow activities like making Snow Angels and Snowball Fights.

It's also a ripe time of year for Snowboarding and building Snowmen.

Sims can now get a tan or sunburn from sitting out in the sun while wearing Swimwear.

They can also get uncomfortably hot, to the point of bursting into flame and dying.

Controlling Weather and Sims 3's Seasons: Options and Cheats The Sims 3 Seasons offers new weather settings in the game options menu.

This lets you set what Seasons can come up, how long they are, and the weather that can appear during gameplay.

Weather is dependent on the temperature, less so than the current Season, much as it is in the real world.

Wind, Hail, and Fog Wind can appear any time, and will activate certain objects like flags to blow.

Hail can appear during storms but doesn't last long and doesn't damage your property.

EA has finally separated the options for game files, so you can have one town set up this way, and another differently so that you do not have to constantly tinker settings between your various save files.

A great feature for people who share their game with another household member. When using the testingcheatsenabled true cheat, you can shift-click the ground to get a new Seasons cheats menu.

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