Single mothers online dating

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Being a single mother is a lot of work and your children and career likely take up the majority of your time.

That being said–when was the last time you went on a date or had a serious relationship?

Not only will you have fun spending time with your kid in these places, but these are also great locations to meet adults too!

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As a single mother, that might not seem as ideal these days, but you might be wondering, “Where am I even going to meet someone?Single moms are not immune to the conditions of life that affect people and their dating relationships, however in my well-researched opinion, there are many reasons why they are better prepared to whether the storms of dating life than others.Just to name a few, the single mom generally stands on a sturdy foundation of reality (think Groundhog day), has the ability to laugh at herself (think wardrobe malfunctions), and add to that the bonus…constant chasing of the children has kept the inches off of her waist instead of the alternative.” The good news is that there are plenty of new ways for you to meet someone–especially if you spend most of your time with your kid.Consider taking your kid to a local farmer’s market, a park or a museum.

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