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His discussion with the poor Indian help-desk operator is quite funny. One scene features yet another bad encounter that Andy has in his youth while another scene shows him fantasizing about a porn star.

The added nudity actually makes the film raunchier than its theatrical release but it doesn’t make it any funnier.

Elizabeth Banks is also memorable as Beth, a girl with a freaky side that woos Andy.

But best of all is Catherine Keener as Trish, Andy’s love interest.

The first half is a really, really raunchy guy movie filled with lots of language, sexual humor, and all sorts of perversion.

He also provides a scene that will probably go down in cinematic history.

The biggest stumbling block for The 40-Year-Old Virgin is that it is really crude and has a lot of profanity. I think Steve Carell is really funny and the writers are really talented, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with material that’s less risqué.

Maybe then their audience won’t be as limited as it will be with this subject matter.

This particular edition of The 40-Year Old Virgin us unrated and has 17 extra minutes added to it.

A couple of the major scenes feature more of Mooj, the Indian salesman. Another scene shows Andy calling a Viagra help line about how to get rid of a long lasting erection.

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