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She did not seem nearly as old as her work experience would indicate.She must have been one of those people who ages incredibly well. She was from the Bronx, near Riverdale, which I could only place on a map because of Manhattan College, where my Wedding Date and all of her friends had gone to school.The three of us joked around, caught up and I made friends with our bartender Ally.We asked her about the typical crowds for speed dating and what the lounge was like on a regular basis.The ladies would stay seated and every few minutes, the men moved on to the next conversation.Each round, we were told, would last 6 to seven minutes.She gave me credit for even knowing the area, but I didn’t make much of an impression otherwise.

We’d both been to shows at the restaurant/bar/alternative comedy club in Long Island City. She asked where I worked, to which I pointed out the window at the top half of my building and said, “Right there.” Date #3 – My third companion had been in NYC for almost 11 years and, at the time, resided in the Bronx.

From that perspective, the whole idea behind speed dating seemed odd.

I was supposed to find someone I liked in approximately 5 minutes?

Date #4 – I couldn’t help but feel like the fourth woman didn’t date much because she immediately started asking textbook questions. She shared a name with the baby and angel from the story.

It was a lot of exposition, and a bit heavy, for the first topic of conversation, but it drew her in.

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