Star trek fans dating

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The owner of Star Trek, Oliver Gough, said regarding the popularity of these sites, "'Star Trek' fans are nerds. Nine times out of 10 [they] post pictures of themselves Photoshopped on the starship." Gough adds that sites such as are too broad for the kind of superfans who frequent his website. = {"context":{"dispatcher":{"stores":{"Page Store":,"MRTStore":,"Daggr Store":,"Route Store":,"I13n Store":,"Client Store":,"Page Transition Store":,"Video Player Store":,"Flyout Store":,"Navrail Store":,"App Config Store":,"Lang Store":,"Beacon Store":,"Ad Store":,"Video Store":,"Content Store":,"Composite Store":,"Stream Store":{"page Uuid":"6c2f7cb8-635b-3721-8347-36db775b530f","article Category":,"page Category":"YPROP: NEWS","fallback Category":"YPROP: NEWS","parent Category":"","page Subsite":"","streams":{"SIDEKICK: TOPSTORIES.sidekick":{"bpos":1,"data":{"stream_items":[,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,{"i13n":,"is_eligible":true,"url":"https:\u002F\\u002Fbaby-names-fall-into-tribes-155044899.html","comments":,"title":"Your baby names fall into one of 13 'tribes', research reveals","images":{"original":,"img:320x?

Some critics say that dating sites like these are too focused on specific niches, and that just because two people share a common interest in one part of pop culture does not mean they will have a long-lasting relationship. ":{"url":"https:\u002F\u002com\u002Fny\u002Fapi\u002Fres\u002F1.2\u002FV0.

However, "Trek" dating site owner Michael Carter has said that the main reason people quit his matchmaking service is that they found someone.

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Maybe you've tried online dating or the bar scene or gone on blind dates set up by well-meaning friends, yet you still find yourself single and wanting.

(Jonathan Bird said the marriage is still going well, even though Dawn doesn't speak Klingon.)"A few years ago, I wanted to teach myself code," Bird told via email.

"I'd already opened a few dating sites but never built them from scratch myself.

Star Trek is one of the most famous science fiction series ever made.

It has gained a cult following and some fans can even fluently speak Klingon which is a fictional language created in the series.

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