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There’s plenty of stories circulating of people who have paid huge agency fees to these companies who promise they will find them accommodation only at the end to be left with no house and considerably less money.Even the reputable agencies will charge vast sums in agency fees, contract fees, basically any other fee that they can justify and all this is before you pay a deposit or your first month’s rent.Onze aanraders zijn sex opium en libido liquid als drankjes.

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One of the major issues seems to be a lack of affordable housing for all students, not just the internationals.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in the Netherlands again: students are coming from all over the world to start their academic semester and embrace the Dutch life! Furthermore, non-Dutch students are often discriminated against when trying to rent a room.

As it was the case in recent years, students may – once again – be welcomed by a system which doesn’t provide enough accommodation, despite the universities allowing more and more international students in.

Often rooms are subpar and overpriced but the lack of a viable alternative means that students have little choice than to take what they can.

Universities here are not responsible for finding their students accommodation so new students are left to face the daunting task of finding a room alone and often with conflicting and mostly useless advice from people who have little experience of what it is actually like.

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