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(He also selected the time and restaurant with the early bird special, mind you.) Maybe he was just frugal and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on what could easily be a bust.This should have been the first and last date but he did have a charming side and did I say he was tall, handsome, and sexy looking?First of all, if you’re single at Christmas time it means that you can forget about awkward encounters with the in-laws and all that it involves: buying gifts, going to family dinners with people you barely know, making your best at being the most lovely person on earth…So, if you’re lucky enough not to have Christmas “responsibilities” to attend to, you’re already luckier and freer that most of the people with a partner!A few pictures of me looking as if I just might resemble that “must meet” woman were duly attached and, with a simple keystroke, I was ready to find the perfect match in record time.With a barrage of responses within the first few days of receiving matches, I was certain my prince awaited.

Many singles see Christmas as a horrible time to be alone, although most of them actually forget that there are many singles looking to meet other singles, especially in Christmas. And Christmas time is the best time to start your online dating experience!

Looking back, I can see despite his professed” looking for a lasting relationship ” he had been having a wonderful time in this veritable smorgasbord for seven years, had all the moves down with no intention of changing . ) To his credit, he did try to woo me in a more gentlemanly manner but after a total of three weeks, he sent me an email saying he didn’t think I was ready for a relationship.

I think he was looking for love, just not the sort of love I was giving. After several more months and many email exchanges, more one time coffee dates, a few subsequent lunch or dinner dates, and an even fewer number of longer encounters lasting a few weeks, I had an epiphany.

Finding that avenue to be futile, I was open to new ideas.

I was literally pushed into online dating by my good friend and colleague, Leslynn, who blithely assured me finding that special someone would be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

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