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Often people who are not married but who live together have less or weaker rights than those of married couples and the processes for dissolving these relationships are different from a marriage as well.Lastly, remember that an Adult Interdependent Relationship does not have to be conjugal (sexual). If you and your partner buy something together, such as furniture or a car, you both own it.If your Adult Interdependent Partner dies without a valid Will, you also have the right to a portion of the partner’s estate.For more information on the Adult Interdependent Relationships, see Additional Resources. Although many people may think common law marriages and Adult Interdependent Relationships are equivalent to a legal marriage, in law they are treated differently.

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If your Adult Interdependent Partner did not leave you anything under his/her Will, then you have the right to ask a judge to re-distribute your partner’s property so that you receive some of the estate.Here are some things you can do to protect yourself if you start dating: Seeing a parent start to date can be very upsetting; many adult children react negatively.Dealing with this issue early on can help to prevent problems, including legal ones, at a later time.You need to be wary of fraudsters who may see your trust and desire for companionship as a way to get close to you and then try to scam you financially.Although you need not let this possibility stop you from dating, you should keep it in mind and protect yourself as best as you can.

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