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“It’s the equivalent of helping to make the bed the next morning in that it says, ‘we’re in this together.'” This isn’t cool in any relationship, but even worse in a romantic one.“When you’re chronically late, it may not be intentional, but it can wreak havoc on a punctual partner who feels disrespected each time it occurs,” says Dr. “No two people deal with conflict in the same way, and this can be highly individual, depending on one’s upbringing and previous experience,” explains Michele Moore, a licensed professional counselor and relationship expert.“Instead, they eventually cause resentment, which is relationship kryptonite.” Plus, when you’re mad, there’s a good chance your partner can tell, and denying it will likely annoy them more than just fessing up to what’s actually wrong.

“When you don’t tell your partner why you’re angry, hurt, or upset, those feelings don’t just magically go away,” says Colby Marie Z is a sex & relationship coach.

There’s nothing wrong with on good terms with an ex—especially if there are kids in the picture. That’s another story, and it’s bound to be a major pet peeve for your partner.

“It’s very difficult to develop intimacy with someone who has exes as friends,” says April Masini, a New York-based relationship and etiquette expert.

“The silent treatment just delays resolution of a fight and closes the lines of communication.

Neither are healthy for a relationship.” It’s pretty annoying when your S. heads to the kitchen to grab a snack and doesn’t ask if you want anything.

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