Tough dating questions

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While it's fairly easy to evaluate someone's interests, ways of having fun, and how they like to spend time, etc., it's much harder to evaluate values, priorities, and life goals and determine if you and your dating partner are on similar life paths.

That's why asking these "tough" questions in the early dating stages creates a dynamic framework for exploring the potential for being together in the long run -- ~ "Are you looking for a long-term, committed relationship?

Unfortunately, I have seen the fall-out of dating in this way many times.

Without putting in a conscious effort to ask questions and gather information in the present, there's little chance of creating a relationship with a future.

Yet many singles believe that if they have chemistry with their dating partner, then everything else is either not necessary to talk about or "will just fall into place." Here's an example -- Mike, age 26, met Paula, age 30, on an online dating website.

Mike was smitten with Paula, a petite, slim, friendly blond, and Paula was impressed with Mike's maturity and "decency." Paula was pretty sure after their second date that she didn't want to go out with Mike again, telling him she felt a lack in their connection.

Dana and Ian felt strong chemistry when they were together, and when Dana's lease on her apartment was up 8 months into the relationship, they decided to get engaged and move in together.Mike convinced her to go out with him again nonetheless, claiming that since they had chemistry, their relationship had potential.Paula couldn't find the words to dispute this, so she agreed to dinner.If so, what religious practices or rituals to you participate in?" Here's an example of why it's better to ask these tough questions sooner rather than later -- Dana and Ian met while employed at the same office.

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