Ultrasound dating birth

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Dating ultrasounds are most accurate when they happen between 7-12 weeks, and are calculated by measuring the fetus’ crown-rump length.This generally predicts the expected date of birth within 5 days.Sometimes the ultrasound must be done through the vagina; this procedure may be uncomfortable, but is not considered painful.Ultrasound is not used to diagnose pregnancy, but is used to date a pregnancy and assess numerous health aspects of the fetus and mother.Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create images of the inside of the body. It is safe, painless and relatively quick test that usually takes around 30 minutes.The technician will put a warm gel on your abdomen and use a scanning device to get the ultrasound images.

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See below for descriptions of the information gathered from these two types of ultrasounds.

Cindy found herself completely amazed at her 20-week ultrasound with her second son.

The sonographer was amazing and her skills interested Cindy enough that she began researching sonography programs as soon as her son was born.

Minnesota Birth Center is pleased to offer in-house ultrasounds for routine 20-week scans as well as dating, growth, and other scans as medically indicated.

MBC’s sonographers are passionate about offering supportive and family-centered care as you meet your baby for the first time on ultrasound.

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