Updating port forwarding for your router failed

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Thankfully the routers that have the extra firewall options come with good information on the page about which setting you should use to allow port forwarding to work.

Normally you can just turn off the firewall or just put it at its minimum setting. A router is a hardware based firewall already, the firewall options in the router are simply more options to better control things if needed.

Some users have put internet IP's in or just the wrong IP all together (Such as putting their computers IP in when they want the IP from their Xbox).

As you can see if it is set any higher than minimum security that all the inbound policies (the port forwarding rules) will be rejected and port forwarding wont work.

So users think they have antivirus but don't realize it is also a firewall.

So when a warning pops up about a program trying to connect to the net they seem to like to hit block by default, thus breaking things more than helping.

" well you need to remember that a lot of home users are new to port forwarding and IP addresses.

They don't always understand the differences between a LAN ( a local network) and a WAN (the internet).

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