Updating vault stores backup mode

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Oracle Key Vault enables you to back up all security objects including keys, certificates, and passwords. Oracle Key Vault can securely store backups at a remote destination.This enables backups to be restored to a new appliance if the original appliance encounters a irrecoverable error.The preset delay prevents the standby appliance from taking over prematurely if there is a transient communication problem between the nodes.Oracle Key Vault uses Oracle Data Guard to synchronize data between the primary and standby nodes in a high availability deployment.Most systems that create keys and passwords, including TDE, do not have a mechanism to remind customers of the key rotation requirements for staying in compliance, but Oracle Key Vault provides one.Oracle Key Vault enables you to create policies that track the lifecycle of keys (their creation, rotation, and expiration) and raise alerts when keys or passwords approach the end of their useful lives.The user who is responsible for uploading and downloading To ensure that Oracle Key Vault can access security objects in the event of a failure, Oracle Key Vault can be configured for a high availability environment.You can deploy two Oracle Key Vault appliances in a two-node cluster for a high availability configuration.

If the primary appliance fails, then the standby appliance takes over after a preset delay.In addition to supporting Oracle database and application servers, Oracle Key Vault follows the industry standard OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) for compatibility with KMIP-based clients.Oracle Key Vault addresses the rising need to use encryption in data centers by providing a secure key management platform that quickly and efficiently deploys encryption across your enterprise.Oracle Key Vault provides the following benefits: Users who are responsible for managing security objects should use Oracle Key Vault.These users can be database administrators, IT personnel, system administrators, security administrators, and any information security personnel who are responsible for database servers, application servers, operating systems, and other systems that manage Oracle wallets, encryption keys, Java keystores, credential files, and certificates.

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