Validating a pmp certification

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Information on all the PMI certifications can be found here: https://org/certifications.

Project team performs the assigned activities to complete the project scope and throughout the project, deliverables of the project are completed.

Once the deliverables are completed, they must be reviewed by the customer to check whether they meet the agreed requirements in the beginning of the project.

The first input of the Validate Scope process comes after the completion of the work and it is defined as “validated deliverables”.

In order to check whether a deliverable meets the initially agreed requirements, it must have been completed first.

Customer check and acceptance of the deliverables is a critical activity since the final acceptance of the project will be received from the customer.

Doing frequent meetings to get customer acceptance is critical because there may be many deliverables in a project.

Approved Scope is another input of the Validate Scope process.Requirement traceability matrix shows the status of each requirement, the track of requirement, and which deliverable will fulfill the requirement.Therefore, RTM will be an input for Validate scope process. Deliverables might have met all requirements agreed in the beginning.Requirements, specifications, expectations, performance etc. of a deliverable is defined on the scope, and once the deliverable is ready, they all must be checked.Requirements Traceability Matrix is an input to validate scope process to show that requirements were achieved the validated deliverable.

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