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Whether you are looking for a short romance or a life partner, using a dating app to seek out this special someone does have a certain appeal.

There are thousands upon thousands of single people out there, and dating apps are a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded people, whom you would have otherwise never met.

Hater currently has a database of over 2000 topics, with everything from “carpool karoke” to “being bored” on there, and users state how much they like or dislike each one.

In the past, Hinge used to give users the option to swipe through other users’ profiles, just like Tinder.

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The difference here is that, again, the focus is on the likes and dislikes of other users, and you do not get to find out anything related to their profession or education level until after you have matched.

There are so many different dating apps out there, from the more generalized apps to ones that focus on specific interests, such as music.

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