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And that as a woman, obviously [that] drew me to it.” But with all these team movies in the offing, Shuler Donner started to feel the X-Men needed to go in another direction.

While we know that Paris said "yes" in Aspen to Chris and that the two went public back in February 2017 (after meeting eight years prior and starting a romance two years ago), there is still a lot of unknowns about the blond beauty's future husband.When Chris, Stewie and Brian enter Taylor Swift's mansion, Stewie says "Your house is way nicer than Anne Murray's. On the plus side, Chris criticises Taylor and refers to her as being untalented etc.We broke in there too." But Stewie and Brian (who he was with) never broke into her house. I am actually surprised by the use of another voice actress to impersonate Taylor, however.She’ll go cray-cray and start getting violent: At the very least, you’ll get a hit song written about you after you break up with her. Or you can look at these We wish there were some real Taylor Swift leaked nudes but the Fappening has failed us.

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