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In 1999, Taylor and Ridge were overjoyed when they discovered they were expecting twin daughters.Just a few months before the expected delivery, Taylor was infected with tuberculosis by a homeless man.Ridge and Taylor finally had the family they had always wanted, but in 2001, while on vacation, Steffy was presumed dead when she fell overboard from a boat during a storm, but was actually kidnapped by a mentally unstabled woman named Morgan De Witt who wanted a child with Ridge.Ridge rescued Steffy and Taylor from Morgan, and they reunited with Thomas and Phoebe.But their relationship went downhill when Thomas discovered that Caitlin was also seeing Rick Forrester.Devastated, Thomas found comfort in Rick's babysitter, Amber Moore.She refused treatment when antibiotics could affect both her unborn daughters and gave birth to them.

Thinking that her brother's marriage would cause her parents to separate, she showed Taylor the condom wrapper, enraging her.Ridge never gave up on trying to break them up, but Thomas eventually came to the realization that Amber wasn't the one for him and completely dumped Amber after she nearly got Ridge and Bridget Forrester killed in Big Bear.From his childhood to the present (particularly developing in the latter), Thomas has been known for suffering mental instability, supposedly due to his traumas partly caused by his father's absence.Gaby revealed to Thomas that she was the daughter of Helen Moreno, was a long-time maid for Forrester.They both shared a commonity in having loss their mothers at young ages.

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