Who is lorrie morgan dating

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no she does not Lorrie Morgan has 2 kids a girl and a boy both in their twenties The first answer above is incorrect. Whitley died in 1989 from alcohol poisoning overdose. She had her son while married to country music star Keith Whitley.Whitley’s mother, Faye, worked as an editor of The Elliott County News while his father, Elmer, who later died in 1987, was an electrician.Keith had three siblings as mentioned earlier but his brother Randy was killed in a motorcycle accident in 1983, long before Keith and their father tagged along.Jessie Keith Whitley was born July 1, 1955, in Sandy Hook, Kentucky.

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When it became too serious, he made serious attempts to stop and his wife, Lorrie Morgan, was a pillar of support.He didn’t stop there and as his reckless life continued, he drove his car off a 120-foot cliff, landing on a frozen river but the foregoing didn’t claim his life. Posthumously, the country musician topped the charts with two singles, “I Wonder Do You Think of Me” and “It Ain’t Nothin'”, from the album he was working on before his sudden death.He began his career in 1970 in Ralph Stanley’s band and later relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where he started recording in 1983. Another single – in collaboration with other artists including his widow, released after his death, scooped the CMA award for Best Vocal Collaboration in 1990 and got a Grammy nomination for Best Country Vocal Collaboration.On the day he died, Keith had plans with his brother-in-law Lane Palmer who later found the singer unconscious on his bed.Palmer promptly called an ambulance that took Keith to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

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