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Prepon has also received much critical praise in recent times for her role as Alex Vause in the long-running Netflix comedy-drama series Orange Is the New Black (2013–present).

In addition to her illustrious television career, Laura Prepon has also had a number of movie features.

Prepon talked to us about her first time playing a lesbian, her biggest challenge in the first season (it’s not the dryer or lathering up with her sexy co-star) and her thoughts on sexual chemistry with another woman.

I like to think I'll just be walking down the street one day and stop and meet someone, like, ] I do not know what's happening. I have friends who use it and most of it is terrible, but some of them have been on some good dates. First guy she met on the dating site, and now they've been together for two years and they're getting married. All the other stories are train wrecks and they're hilarious.

The impact the show has made has been so important to me, and I’m so grateful that it will continue with The Poussey Washington Fund.

can best be described by the relationship status "It's complicated." The situation gets even more muddled in season two, when Alex crosses paths with Piper again as they're headed to trial and asks her to lie on stand. That being said, it'd be cool to meet a cool New Yorker. Has Alex softened up a little in these two seasons? You don't normally see someone like her in that position. I would definitely say Piper because she loves her, so if that were to happen — I'm not allowed to say anything — I would say she would choose Piper. So far, we're on episode three, and it's shaping up to be a really incredible season.

And Piper tends to be very self serving, which you’re going to learn throughout the series.

You think she’s this innocent woman but she’s really not and that’s what’s really cool about this show is that things that you think are happening, it’s like “Whoa, that’s not actually what’s going on.”But she was also in love with Alex and when you take these women and put them in four walls where they can’t go anywhere, you can kind of imagine what might happen with two women that are not getting along, but there’s this strong love there…and you can kind of use your imagination as to what may happen to these two women who used to love each other.

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